With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

In our January episode, #thisisourlane, we spoke with Dr. Garen Wintemute about firearm violence, and discussed the immediate and passionate social media outpouring from physicians in response to an NRA tweet. In this episode, we dive deeper into the topic of physician advocacy, and, more specifically, the role of social media in advocacy. Our guest, Dr. Megan Ranney, is an emergency medicine physician, educator, and digital health and public health researcher, and is an avid social media user herself. She discusses the power of social media to affect change, and offers some tips for how to make your voice heard, and how to navigate some of the pitfalls. Listen through to the end for thoughts from some other well known EM physicians, including Drs. Mike Gisondi, Steve Bird, and Nikita Joshi.

How do you use social media? What do you think about health care professionals using social media for advocacy? Tell us how you’re getting involved – or why you’re staying away! Find us on social media as @empulsepodcast, or on our website, ucdavisem.com

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Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis

Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Megan Ranney, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Brown University, Chief Research Officer at AFFIRM Research


Dr. Harrison Alter, Research Director for the Highland Department of Emergency Medicine and Founder and Executive Director of the Levitt Center 

Dr. Mike Gisondi, Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University

Dr. Vishnu Parthasarathy, Emergency Medicine Resident at UC San Diego

Dr. Steve Bird, President of SAEM, Vice Chair of Education at UMass Medical School

Dr. Linda Herman, Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director at Kaweah Delta

Dr. Nikita Joshi, Emergency Medicine Faculty at Alameda Health System


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What You Can Do


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