Three things I learned in 2022

Happy New Year! We have an exciting lineup for 2023, but first, we’d like to reflect on a few things we learned this past year. Some favorites include our legal series and our series on women in EM – listen to the full episode to hear which juicy knowledge bites we can’t let go of!

What stuck with you this year? Do you enjoy our podcast series, or do you prefer stand alone episodes? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Tag us on social media, @empulsepodcast, reach out via email, or connect through our website, Encourage your friends and colleagues to listen and share their perspective, too!

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Dr. Julia Magaña, Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis

Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Episodes referenced:

Do I really need to LP a febrile infant with a UTI?

Legal Part I: A subpoena is not a party invitation

Victims of our own success: ED crowding part 1

It isn’t just our problem: ED crowding part 2

Pay attention 

Mind the gap

The leaky pipeline

My role is doctor 

Please don’t hurt me!

Articles referenced:

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Emergency Department Crowding: The Canary in the Health Care System.   Commentary in NEJM Catalyst by Gabor D. Kelen, MD, Richard Wolfe, MD, Gail D’Onofrio, MD, MS, Angela M. Mills, MD, Deborah Diercks, MD, et al. Sept 28, 2021.

Book referenced:

Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani

Video referenced:

PACES Just-in-time: Positions of Comfort

Guideline referenced:

EIIC/TREKK: Bottom Line Recommendations: Pain Treatment


Thank you to the UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine for supporting this podcast and to Orlando Magaña at OM Productions for audio production services.

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