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Did you know that women physicians make 72 cents on every dollar their male counterparts make?! According to the New York Times, this leads to women earning about $2 million less than men over their careers as doctors. In the third episode of our series on women in emergency medicine, we explore the very real gender pay gap that exists in medicine. Dr. Amy Gottlieb is an expert on this topic, having written a book, published studies, and given multiple talks on the subject. She explains what the data show, helps us unpack some of the reasons behind the pay gap, and offers advice on how to move forward. 

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Dr. Julia Magaña, Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis

Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Amy Gottlieb, Professor of Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School – Baystate


Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine: A Roadmap for Healthcare Organizations and the Women Physicians Who Work for Them 1st ed. 2021 Edition by Amy S. Gottlieb, MD, FACP

Gottlieb AS, Jagsi R. Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine. N Engl J Med. 2021 Dec 30;385(27):2501-2504. doi: 10.1056/NEJMp2114955. Epub 2021 Oct 20. PMID: 34670039.

Women Earn $2 Million Less Than Men in Their Careers as Doctors

By Azeri Ghorayshi, New York Times, Dec. 6, 2021

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