If you’re an emergency physician, or have goals of becoming one, you have probably heard about ACEP’s workforce study. The findings first came out in April 2021, and were followed by a full paper in Annals of Emergency Medicine in August. The bottom line is that there is a predicted surplus of EM physicians of over 7,800 by 2030. How did we find ourselves here? What does this mean? And what should we do about it? We reached out to Emergency Physician and ACEP President Elect, Dr. Gillian Schmitz, to learn more. 

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Dr. Julia Magaña, Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis

Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Gillian Schmitz, ACEP President Elect, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Emergency Physician at Brooke Army Medical Center


ACEP EM Physician Workforce of the Future

Reiter M, Allen BW. The Emergency Medicine Workforce: Shortage Resolving, Future Surplus Expected. J Emerg Med. 2020 Feb;58(2):198-202. doi: 10.1016/j.jemermed.2020.01.004. Epub 2020 Apr 3. 


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