Pot Tarts – 3.5 years later…

Our first EM Pulse podcast called “Pot Tarts” was on marijuana legalization in California and ingestion in kids. In this episode we circle back to THC in kids with Dr. James Chenoweth on a an update of what has happened since legalizations.  

Have you seen an uptick in THC ingestions in children since legalization? Share your ideas and experiences with us on social media, @empulsepodcast, or through our website, ucdavisem.com.

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Dr. Julia Magaña, Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. James Chenoweth , Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicologist at UC Davis


First EM Pulse podcast episode “Pot Tarts” https://ucdavisem.com/2018/01/16/episode-1-pot-tarts/


Thank you to the UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine for supporting this podcast and to Orlando Magaña at OM Audio Productions for audio production services.


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