From Ally to Advocate

Welcome back to EM Pulse. It’s no secret that black, indigenous, and people of color are underrepresented in medicine and academics. This is largely due to structural or institutionalized racism, which is a massive topic for another time. While it may be difficult to swallow, white people have benefited from this system, and many of us are still learning just how our my privilege afforded us. This can be unnerving and even embarrassing at times, as we start to really appreciate the struggle our BIPOC friends and colleagues have faced, and continue to face. We want to be allies; we want to do something.

This month’s heartbeat is geared specifically to people who want to be better allies in this fight. It is absolutely crucial to listen to voices of people of color and follow their lead, but, as we will discuss, it is not our non-white colleagues’ job to educate us! With that in mind, our guest is Dr. Colleen Sweeney, a Professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine at the UC Davis School of Medicine, who recently gave a talk on taking allyship to the next level. 

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Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Colleen Sweeney, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the UC Davis School of Medicine



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Award winning documentary From the Community to the Classroom

AAMC MedEdPortal: Antiracism in Medicine Collection

AAMC: Racism and Health

UC Davis Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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