Social Conscience

If you work in Emergency Medicine, you know that social and environmental factors greatly impact our patients’ health. This may not be a novel concept, but it is a relatively new field of study. Social Emergency Medicine is a growing branch of EM focused on identifying and studying how social factors affect health. We are especially interested in this topic as many of our episodes explore social issues, such as housing instability, substance use, firearm violence, and human trafficking. In this Heartbeat, we hear from Social EM expert, Dr. Harrison Altar, on what Social EM is all about. You might recognize Dr. Alter from a short segment on our WR SAEM Day 2 Wrap-up episode – now we’re back with his expended interview!

What social factors most impact your patients? How do these issues affect you as a physician or provider? Send us your comments and feedback on social media at @empulsepodcast, or on our website,

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Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Harrison Alter, Research Director for the Highland Department of Emergency Medicine and Founder and Executive Director of the Levitt Center


The Andrew Levitt Center for Social Emergency Medicine

ACEP Social Emergency Medicine Section


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