The Price of Beauty

Heartbeat: The Price of Beauty

As Emergency Physicians, we pride ourselves on recognizing and treating life-threatening conditions. But what if we’re missing important diagnoses and we don’t even know it? In this Heartbeat, we explore acute and chronic silicone syndromes, two potentially serious conditions caused by injecting liquid silicone into the body. Dr. Nick Gorton, previously featured on Episode 8: Don’t be a Jerk! and the LGBTQI, MD Heartbeat, joins us again with advice on how to diagnose and manage these conditions that predominantly affect women, especially transgender women. 

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Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. R. Nick Gorton, Emergency Physician at Sutter Davis, and Primary Care Physician at the Lyon-Martino Clinic in San Francisco. 


Silicone Pumping Harm Reduction Pamphlet

Dying to be a Woman trailer by TransLatin@ Coalition

TRANSLINE national online transgender medical consultation service – free and confidential. 

Lyon-Martin Health Services, San Francisco, CA.

Silicone embolism syndrome: a case report, review of the literature, and comparison with fat embolism syndrome.

Schmid A, Tzur A, Leshko L, Krieger BP.

Chest. 2005 Jun;127(6):2276-81. Review.


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Dr. Nick Gorton
Dr. Sarah Medeiros

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