If it Hurts, Don’t do it!

If it Hurts, Don’t do it!

Let’s revisit concussion and return to play with UC Davis Head Team Physician, Dr. Jeremiah Ray. This Heartbeat was originally recorded as a Facebook LIVE for the UC Davis Health page. We first talked about concussion in May’s episode, “Breaking Out of Concussion Jail“. This Heartbeat is a little more casual and offers some practical information for how to recognize and manage concussion in athletes – plus, it provides a little spaced repetition to help us remember what we learned! 

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Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Jeremiah Ray, Head Team Physician for UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics


SCAT 5 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool – 5th Edition)

CDC HEADS UP to Brain Injury Awareness

NCAA Concussion Diagnosis and Management Best Practices


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